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Project Online, which is part of the Office 365 family, is Microsoft’s project collaboration tool for the cloud. There are a lot of similarities to Project Server which is Microsoft’s on-premise project collaboration tool.

Project Online contains a project management solution within a SharePoint Online environment. This means that you benefit from both technologies. For example, you can when creating a new project template, use the workflows from the SharePoint engine, or documents saved in a project site template can be version controlled using the SharePoint feature.

There are 3 versions available:

Project Online with Project Pro for O365:

This is suitable for project managers to create new projects, have high level views of their reports, projects and its sites (a central area which contains documents relating to a project, upcoming and late tasks, deliverables, risks and issues, and any other items necessary).

In addition, this includes Micro Soft Project client so that project managers can view and manage their projects at a granular level.

Project Lite:

This entry level licence allow team members to view their tasks, enter time sheets and accomplish simple collaboration.

Project Online:

This is suitable for those who do not fall into either of the two categories mentioned above. However it is suited for senior managers to view reports.




This includes the setup for enterprise project templates with workflows, graphically rich reports and dashboards including the Premier Timelines, resource management with time sheets, portfolio management to align projects to the strategies of your organisation.


All companies are unique. Premier uses its considerable experience to configure Project Online to make it more accessible and at the same time, provide you with all the functionality you need to make sure that your projects are both on schedule and within budget. 


Project Online does have its limits. However, in these rare cases, we have a team of experts that can provide custom add-ins. Whether it's an interface to an ERP system or a specific time sheet requirement, Premier can create a fully integrated solution just for you. 


Training is vital to ensure adequate use of systems. Premier offers a range of courses for administrators, project managers, senior managers, team members and possibly the most important of all, the change management. In addition, Premier will support you from every direction with full course notes, email and telephone support and floor-walking. 

Project Management Office (PMO):

Embarking on implementing a project collaboration tool can be intimidating. However, with Premier, a change is possible. We can use our experience to help you and your company to overcome problems with a change in the management program and also with the creation of a PMO department within the company.



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