Visio and SharePoint solutions


Visio is one of Microsoft’s best kept secrets.  It is a graphics tool that can simplify and communicate complex information with data-linked diagrams and can quite easily be integrated into Microsoft Word and PowerPoint with a click of a button. 

What makes Visio so special is it capacity to import data from an external data base. Changes made are highlighted through data graphics (e.g. icons, progress bars, key text and colour by value) which with each update can create a BI tool.

For collaboration purpose, this can be published to SharePoint. Users are not required to adopt Visio on their device to view the information.


Premier can provide expert advice and training in order to help you create Visio and SharePoint solutions.

Examples of work we have done for clients:

BPMN for the largest UK defence contractor:
Premier created a Windows form to capture process requirements, in SharePoint when users select a process they could be clear meta data about each part of the process and documents specific to that process, along side with automatically updated KPIs linking to an Oracle database. This provided the management a much clearer view of the situation within the organisation. 

Fortis Bank:
Premier created a visual report that interrogated a SQL database to show key equipment and its key metadata and its dependencies. This substantially reduced the time that support staff were called out in the wee hours of the morning.

Tandberg Television:
Premier help in the creation of a complex sales tool that interrogated information from a database to give a client a visual representation and on top of that, then automatically create a 10 page PO and a BOM in Excel. This solution Premier provided reduced errors from 92% to 99% accuracy.

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